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Will There Be A ‘Scream 5’ Without Wes Craven? | Film News

  With the death of Wes Craven still in the hearts of many beloved horror fans, it would be very painful news to hear that a Scream 5 could become a possibility, without the presence of Wes Craven driving this film forward. For many people, the Scream franchise will always be closely associated with the iconic director, but there will[…]

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Wes Craven: Hollywood’s Best ‘Suspense’ Filmmaker Since Alfred Hitchcock | Film News

  With the passing away of Wes Craven a couple of days ago (August 30), the Hollywood establishment are at a great loss as well as being deeply saddened by the recent news. Wes Craven was a unique artist who had the ability to construct suspense and drama in the most awkward of moments that will continue to do down[…]

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