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With the passing away of Wes Craven a couple of days ago (August 30), the Hollywood establishment are at a great loss as well as being deeply saddened by the recent news. Wes Craven was a unique artist who had the ability to construct suspense and drama in the most awkward of moments that will continue to do down in film history.


The Scream franchise is overwhelmed by so many iconic scenes that left a generation of young viewers with sleepless nights, however amongst the fear, there was always great art to appreciate, especially with the visual cinematography that Craven consistently executed on screen. The slow camera shots mixed with the fast paced editing is a combination that helps epitomise Craven as a visual technician and is one of the main reasons why he remains so hugely admired by a wide range of audience members.


Wes Craven will continue to be as a fan favourite even after death, and like the other great predecessors before him such as Alfred Hitchcock, he forever remain immortalized by the films he made and the horror genre, in which he helped dedicate his entire life’s work too. Only time will tell whether Wes Craven is able to achieve the legacy and status that is equivalent to Hitchcock but there is no reason why he can’t be written down as one of the great cinematic visionaries of the modern age.


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