Taruwa Festival Presents ‘The Engagement’ By Sefi Atta @ Terra Kulture, Lagos – Wednesday, June 4 | Events


This Wednesday, June 4, the second edition of Taruwa Festival kicks off at Terra Kulture in Lagos, with a play written by award-winning Author and playwright Sefi Atta. Titled The Engagement, the play is all about a family that is at odds on the day of their daughter’s engagement ceremony. The beauty of this production is that it will keep you captivated and on your toes the from start to finish, and you will think you know where it’s all headed, but you truly have no idea! Come along to watch the Terra Kulture stage light up with passionate acting, with twists and turns and witness the plot thicken.


The Engagement features a brilliant cast and is directed by Kenneth Uphopho, and the play will be shown twice, at 4:30pm and then at 6:30pm. Tickets for the show are available at Terra Kulture, Lagos and online via Naija Ticket Shop and Afri Tickets. For more information, go to www.taruwafestival.org, call 0808 159 7669, or you can email [email protected].



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