TDNB – Poetry In Motion | Music Video


Hip Hop collective TDNB have released the video for “Poetry In Motion”, ahead of the release of their upcoming debut EP Ocean, which is due for release on September 1, also if you hadn’t worked it out, TDNB stands for To Dream N Believe. The progressive collective comprises of London based solo artists, Handles, Fonzie, and Magic, and videographer Mornix who directed and produced the video for “Poetry In Motion”.


As shown in “Poetry In Motion”, TDNB have a very unique sound, incorporating elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic and Experimental music, this gives them a huge appeal to many different listeners of music. “Poetry In Motion” has a catchy hook which I can guarantee will stick in your head and you’ll be humming it to yourself. I’m surprised these guys aren’t already a lot bigger than they are, they seem well established, with great lyrical ability, and – as a collective – are all-rounders, so take note as hopefully there will be big things ahead for these guys.




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