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We are days away from the Game of Thrones finale, and HBO has released some teaser images from the episode to whet our appetites. The episode is titled ‘Mothers Mercy’ which could point to several different story lines; The images show Cercei (Lena Headly) out of her filthy cell and looking submissive in front of her judge – the High Sparrow.


Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Jorah (Iian Glen) and Daario (Michiel Huisman) look lost and forlorn in Dany’s (Emelia Clark) empty throne room. Jon (Kit Harrington) and Sam (John Bradley) are tense during a quiet moment at Castle Black and Sanza (Sophie Turner) looks surprised by something off camera, which is at least a change from her looking tortured. Somewhere between the Wall and Winterfell Stannis (Stephan Dillane) is comforted by the Red Witch Melisandre (Carice Van Houten).


Game of Thrones finales thus far, have been outshone by their penultimate episodes. Book fans will be suspecting this is not the case for this season, despite the epic last two episodes with some story lines still heading for dire conclusion, although with this season straying from faithful adaption, anything could happen! Last week’s episode created furor as after being lulled into another false sense of security, Stannis sacrificed his own daughter to the Lord of Light.


Carice Van Houten who plays Melissandre spoke about the scene this week, “It’s a very weird scene to play. I had to close certain parts of my soul… It’s appalling. And the only way I tried to play it, which comes across as purely evil, is to be content with the fact that we were doing this because in Melisandre’s head, it’s the only way to save us all. She can’t show any emotion. She wants Stannis on the throne because she thinks he’s the rightful king she saw in the flames, so she sees the bigger picture—them or us. Melisandre thinks, ‘If we let the girl live, we’re going to die anyway, so we need to make this big sacrifice’”.


This dreadful scene overshone what should have been a magnificent final scene in which Dany is attacked by the rebels of Mereen and escapes (finally) riding one of her three dragons. The action was not choreographed half as well as the battlescene at Hardhome the week before, and did it annoy anyone else that Dany abandoned her friends when she flew away? looking at the first image, it would seem that her three leading men are not thrilled about it either! View more images below and here.




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