Teaser Trailer For ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Is Tauntingly Good | Film Trailer

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Teaser Trailer For ‘Pete’s Dragon’ Is Tauntingly Good | Film Trailer



All teaser trailers are renowned for being annoyingly secretive, and this is no exception to the rule. It is exactly like the Star Wars:Force Awakens trailer. From a few minutes of film we are introduced to some of the main characters and little of what is to be expected in the film is shown. Does it look good? Yes, indeed it does. Does it grip you from the opening shot? Yes?


Pete’s Dragon is based on a short story, written by Seton Miller which was later adapted into the 1977 film of the same name. It was a childhood classic for many and knowing the stigma behind reboots, this film may not be recieved well by the die hard fans.


However, from the look of the trailer; the CGI, acting and the overwhelming aura of tension surrounding this film. It could well shape up into something spectacular. With Disney going through so many changes in the past decade, this film could well be worth a watch and even outshine its predecessor.


So what can we see from the trailer. A general premise would be a narrator guiding you through the journey of a young boy, raised in a forest all alone. But the young boys story differs, he was raised by a dragon. And that’s it I’m afraid, you’ll have to leave the rest to your imagination.


The only solace I can give you from this trailer is that it looks to be very different from the 1977 comedy. This adventure Fantasy film is intended for release on August 12, 2016.




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