‘Ted 2’ Unveils New Flash Gordon-Esque Poster | Film News


In the run up to the release of the sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s comic film about crude and inappropriate teddy bear-come-to-life Ted this week, we’re given one last little treasure in the form of a new poster. The poster parodies the poster released for Flash Gordon in 1980. Featuring Ted’s head instead of Ming’s, Mark Wahlberg takes the place of Flash Gordon and Amanda Seyfried as Dale Arden.


This is in light of the bear and his best friend John’s (played by Wahlberg) love of Flash Gordon, shown heavily in the first film. They’ve kept the poster fairly similar to the original, even down to giving Ted a Ming-styled beard to up the comedy factor, and matching up Wahlberg’s face to the original neck of Flash Gordon. Ted 2 is released on the 26th of June 2015.




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