‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4, Episode 11 – A Promise To The Dead | TV Review


In the latest episode of Teen Wolf, everything seemed to mellow down after the chaotic fight to survive last week. The danger of the dead pool seemed over, or so they thought – nothing is ever that easy especially in Beacon hills. Stiles got ready for his lacrosse game with a spontaneous wake up kiss from Malia who got an interesting offer from her father. Sheriff stilinski is now debt free and not stressing over the next supernatural incident he would have to scratch his head at.


Also Scott and Kira finally go on a prolonged date in Dereks apartment, a very cute attempt at watching Star Wars only to be disturbed by Kate, who crashes into the place through the window? Door anyone??? Is that ever an option?? Derek’s insurance must be up the roof, with the amount it costs. But with the Hale vault and inheritance, I’m sure he can afford it.


However, nothing stays sane for long in beacon hills. Especialy if the episode starts out with visiting an insane asylum. At the start of the episode, Deaton saves a human from becoming a supernatural dinner in exchange for a trade to meet Dr Valeck, a patient with a third eye drilled in the centre of his forehead, creepy right?? And with a reputation for making his visitors permanent residents, we were all warned from the start.


Mama McCall locates the money under Scott’s bedroom, and questions him about it, before they both have a heart to heart about life, with Mama Mcall sharing the truest insight she can give to her baby boy, “you can save people lives but you cannot save them from life”. This scene was so powerful, it brought back tribute to when she told him to be his own anchor. Go Mama Mcall. No wonder our true Alpha is always doing the right thing.


However Scott’s Beta Liam on the other hand seems to be struggling with his own demons this week, as he keeps being haunted by Berserkers making him grow distant from the gang and his friends. But with a few encouraging words from Brett, Liam seems to be put at ease just for the moment. However, we have a feeling that is not the last of the Berserkers vs. Liam battle. Liam is not the only person suffering in this episode, Argent was literally stabbed by Peter with an iron shaped hook tTypical Peter behaviour). Whilst Kira and Scott’s date ends well before it can start as they battle it out against Kate and a Berserker, it seems Kate isn’t too happy about Scott’s impact on the Argent family. This made sense even for Kate.


Tonight’s episode did nothing but give us unexpected twists and turns. With Scott being a Berserker, Kira lying on top of bones. I don’t know how Mexico has become such a hotspot for curses and mythologies and not forgetting de-aging people and turning them. Kate might be a lot of things but you have to give the girl her props for knowing her mythological history, we all learn something. Next week seems to be another Scooby doo moment for the gang as once again, they head to Mexico to find Kira and Scott but is it too late. To find out what happens next don’t miss the season finale of Teen Wolf season four next Monday on MTV at 10pm.



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