Texas Musician Ilustrada Returns With ‘Keychain’

Five years after his self-titled folk-pop album, Texas-born musician Ilustrada is back with a new single titled “Keychain”, which is produced by his longtime collaborator Matthew Huber.

According to Ilustrada, “Keychain” will draw the listener into an unfamiliar musical landscape — taking on a strange interplay of Nashville vocal harmonies, the quirky slacker attitude of early Beck, the anthemic overload of mid-90s Britpop, and slinky trip-hop predilections.

As for what the song means, I guess it could be up for the listener’s interpretation. Is Ilustrada worried that his lover can see all his faults and failures or is it a song about fate and circumstance or something about paranoid delusions?

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Ilustrada says, “‘Keychain’ is one man’s long sledge through burnout, self-loathing, and losing grip on his dreams and ideals. It’s a song about pride disintegrated and then recombined and fortified in righteous indignation toward life’s ineffable twists and descents“.

Ilustrada was born in Texas and lived all over the world from Mexico to Russia to Guatemala, before settling back in the States in Mississippi, where he started taking an initial interest in making music. It was after dropping out of university and moving to Arkansas, where met a few talented musicians, that he released his debut project.

Listen to his comeback single “Keychain” below:


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