Tel Aviv Musician Roni Bar Hadas Releases New Track ‘Fear’

Following her critically acclaimed debut album last year Calm The Beast, Tel Aviv based singer, songwriter and musician Roni Bar Hadas has just released her new single titled “Fear“.

Hadas began her musical journey as a classical musician before feeling a strong need to create her own original work and pursue the freedom and courage she didn’t see in her experience as a classical singer. She first started playing with a few bands before going solo to release her album last November.

Her new single is a genre-fusing track that blends pop, soul and R&B together, with production from her parter Maor Alush. The track is about self-love, healing, and liberating yourself from self-criticism and fending off the fear that still creeps in sometimes.

Talking to her fans about the inspiration for “Fear”, Roni Bar Hadas says, “I have always had a complicated relationship with putting my own self care needs before others’ expectations or demands of me. Suffering from writers’ block last year, I found myself with a new focus to liberate myself from self-criticism.

‘Fear’ has a deliberate air of empowerment and was written from a place of happiness, breaking my cycle of only writing during low periods. Recording it at home allowed me to go in with greater freedom of mind in a more relaxed setting – free to create something I could dance to. I hope that you can take this message into your own life and feel liberated as you engage with ‘Fear’“.

Listen to “Fear” below:


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