The 1975 Tease Fans With Cartoon About Disappearing | Music News


The 1975 have been teasing fans for a while in regards to an event that will be taking place on June 1. They have now posted a cartoon strip on their Instagram and Twitter via lead singer Matt Healy, which suggests they may be going away for a while. The cartoon reads: “Our projected identity must change not only visually but philosophically – how do you do that?”, it then goes on to say, “firstly we must reclaim our identity & repossess our control of it … Until then there won’t be any pop music or dancing with long hair … The hardest part of any relationship is to say goodbye … So we must leave, with a parting ‘we love you’ – we are already gone. Thank you. The 1975”.


Fans of the band have been speculating that perhaps the band will be taking time apart or breaking up all together. Other fans have referenced their change of aesthetic due to the colour pink they have been posting on their social media, instead of their classic black and white. The Guardian also contacted Matt for a response on the post, but he responded with “no comment“.




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