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Introducing to you all, The Beatles, the rising stars within the rock’n’roll music scene. Just a small group of genuine talented young lads from Liverpool trying to make it big. We’ll see how that goes for them. Okay, jokes aside belittling the greatest musical artists to grace the airwaves of our world, these legendary musicians have just released one fantastic gift for us all.


Acting as the deluxe version of the original 1 album, 1+ offers listeners 27 tracks remixed from the original multi-track masters (when existing) by Giles Martin, as well as 51 promotional films/performances, commentary from Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, promo videos, TV appearances, Abbey Road studio footage and even scenes of each member at home with their wives.


Just as a modern audience would expect, all videos have been digitally enhanced to HD quality, but that does not mean we should take it for granted as so much work has gone into restoring these visual gems. You can buy 1+ CD here. Click below to watch the enhanced and restored music video for The Beatles’ “Hello, Goodbye”.




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