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From February 27 to March 6, Paris has hosted the annual Spring/Summer Fashion Week, which is considered one of the most influential runways of the year. The FW of Paris is always a precedent in the whole fashion world for its quality and waste of style in what it refers to fashion. The Parisian event takes place twice a year, coinciding with the start of each season.


The most important worldwide designers show their looks for the next summer, but it is known that they are not the ones who set the stage for our looks; it is all in the street style.


Our favourite influencers, bloggers and models are the ones who -consciously or not- tell us what are we going to buy over the next months.


Dior opened the final leg of fashion month with a protest-themed full of meaning, show. Meanwhile, the streets were a sea of classic outerwear, bold accessories, and lots and lots of boots. Subzero temperatures and sporadic snow all over the city have not been main reasons to keep from fashionistas wearing their carefully prepared outfits.


Some of our favourite Street Style looks:














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