‘The Boy Next Door’ Writer To Tackle App-Based Thriller ‘Gasp’ | Film News


Paramount have been developing a “dramatic investigative thriller” since at least February, and while progress has been slow, a new writer has now been brought on board to work on the script and hopefully quicken the process.


Mario Celaya was originally writing the screenplay, having initially pitched the idea to Paramount, but the studio has now brought in Barbara Curry, who worked as a prosecutor in the United States for a decade before moving into screenwriting and penning the 2015 Jennifer Lopez thriller The Boy Next Door, to help work on the script.


The film is currently titled Gasp, and is reportedly aiming to be in the vein of erotic thrillers Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct. It was reportedly “inspired by several true stories of women who are getting killed by men they are meeting on dating apps”.


The film will centre around a female detective who must go undercover online to catch a killer who has been meeting women on a dating app before murdering them. She starts to fall for one of the suspects who has been cleared, only to discover he may in fact be the killer.


While that logline doesn’t exactly inspire hope that Gasp can match those aforementioned classic erotic thrillers of the late 80s/early 90s, it’s too early to tell. Get a talented director on board and a determined cast and who knows? Basic Instinct is hardly a screenwriting classic yet it has stood the test of time.



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