‘The Conjuring 3’ In The Works With David Leslie Johnson Reprising Writing Role | Film News


New Line Cinema are taking a break from producing spin offs – namely the Annabelle series and The Nun – in order to generate the next installment of the Conjuring franchise.


The Conjuring series dramatises the real-life paranormal investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and follows their mission to help those who find themselves possessed by evil spirits.


The Conjuring 3 will be penned by David Leslie Johnson, who worked on The Conjuring 2 , though, apart from the involvement of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the specific nature of the story at this time remains a mystery. James Wan, on the other hand, will not be sitting in the director’s chair as he did for the first two installments; instead, Wan will return to the series as a producer.


It is no surprise that New Line are returning to the series, as the “first two [installments] grossed $638.3M worldwide collectively“. This next sequel will likely do just as well and rake in even more money that will likely produce yet another spin off.



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