‘The Crystal Maze’ Live Experience Reaches £500,000 Crowdfunding Target | TV News


The planned live experience of ‘The Crystal Maze’ has hit its £500,000 target. Supporters have paid above £25 each towards the upcoming ‘immersive’ live experience. Those who have pledged £45 get to take on the maze, whilst those who have given £300 get to enter in a team of 8. It gets better, those who are fortunate enough to give £10,000 towards the project, get to have a private tour for the entire day. They’ve re-imagined the maze into a crystal dome and there are four sections – Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic. Those who fail at a game will be locked in and will have to solve a puzzle to rejoin the team. Contestants also get rewarded at the end for the amount of crystals they collect..




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