The Extraordinary People’s Collective Presents ‘The Extraordinary People’s Collective’ – Thursday, January 19 | Events



The Extraordinary People’s Collective will be having their first event of the year at Pop Brixton, London, on Thursday, January 19.


It’s an accumulation of introspective conversation and rhythmic vibrations of positivity to inspire the extraordinary dimensions we all innately possess.


At every event attendees can expect captivating stories, and inspiring talks from their panel of speakers, all of which who will give you a mindful insight and advice on how to keep persevering, followed by some great vibes from their special guest performers.


This month’s event theme will focus on purpose, passion, and self care. Hosted by presenter Monikah Lee, with panelists Richard Asomugha, Yasmin Elizabeth, Charles Rare, and Gaby Power.


And bringing the vibes will be DJ, Rachel Landon; rapper, Barney Artist; and singer, Dominique Laurn. Tickets are available to purchase here.



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