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Before flying to Paris, fashion has still something great to offer in Milan. As the Milan Fashion Week goes to the end, let’s have a look at the best looks displayed during the Italian fashion week.


Dolce & Gabbana created more an entertainment event rather than a fashion show. Screens were placed all around flashing up the models’ names and the catwalk included dogs, babies and small children as well. The entire show was soundtracked by a live performance of Austin Mahone, the 20-year-old singer with 10 million followers on Instagram.


Then it’s Marni turn. This show pays homage to the previous designer, Consuelo Castiglioni, but still reveals the touch of the new one, Francesco Risso, the fashion house’s first male designer. The pieces are unique: skirt suits and dresses with cocoon-like volume, brocade dresses with bra tops over them worn with sunglasses and mid-calf boots, oversized hats and Big Bird-worthy pastel-coloured coats.


Armani’s autumn is full of bright and expressive colours. Ruby and deep reds, purple, orange, emerald green, turquoise, petrol and electric blue, as well as multicolored polka dots are the main features of his collection.


Velvet and silk are enriched with tassel, pompom details and necklaces, fringes and strings of coloured beads and sparkling sequins. He plays with geometry and architecture by sculpting tops with pleads and giving to jackets an asymmetrical shape. His style is unique.






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