The Forté Team Presents ‘The Forté’ – Thursday, November 3 | Events



The Forté Team presents a night dedicated to showcasing musical and eclectic talents from varying genres, and exposing attendees to many of the culturally savvy people within the scene.


The main objective of this event is to place people from all creative backgrounds, with different skills and attributes together, so that creative energy and new connections can transpire. As the saying goes “Your network is your net worth”.


The Forté will take place on Thursday, November 3, at the Fields Brewery, London. Hosting on the night will be Radio and TV presenter Samuel Eni. Headlining on the night will be singer, Loick Essien, followed by special guest performances from Rebecca Garton, Isaac Danquah, and Gabriella La Vixen.


Tickets are out now and available to purchase here.



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