‘The Great British Bake Off’ Season 6, Episode 3 – Bread | TV Review


During last week’s ‘Biscuit’ week, the cookie crumbled for Marie, however this week we enjoyed a dough-verload with bread week. The tasks consisted of making a quick bread, baguettes and a sculpture consisting of three different doughs. I know last week I complained that nothing happened, but sadly I can’t change my tune. Perhaps it was because in week one, we had the famous mousse avalanche and ever since then, the drama has just gone down hill? But, I swear nothing happened. Bread was made, compliments and mild complaints were given. Dorret left. The end.


With flavours ranging from hazelnuts, Mexican cheese, pesto, caramel, and bacon, it was a sharing plate of edible goodness. Paul, also known as judge Paul’s doppelganger, was absolutely on form this week because he received a handshake from the judge regarding his soda bread, and was even rewarded a highly commended reward for his lion designed bread sculpture which was out of this world and also a first on the Bake Off.


However, it was Ian that got star baker for the second week running – he is definitely one to watch. Matt is probably caught in the firing line and Paul even had a word with him at the end warning him he needs to buck up or he’s out. It was honestly no surprise that Dorret got the chop, she has been so inconsistent and produced some of the most critiqued bakes so far – I actually thought she was going to leave last week. I don’t want to sound like the grim reaper of baking but please, oh please, can someone trip and fall with their cake in hand, or forget to turn the oven on, or something… please!



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