‘The Great British Bake Off’ Season 6, Episode 7 – Victorian | TV Review

Great British Bake Off


This week was the decadent Victorian week and unfortunately Mat became the seventh baker to leave the tent last night, and more surprisingly the second person to do so the week after being named star baker! Mat’s firefighters heroic ways did not translate to his baking this week, despite create very successful vol-au-vents and pina colada frangipane tart only a week ago.


Tamal, on the other hand was much luckier and was named star baker for the first time, whilst Paul – a favourite of the public and the judges – fell from grace this week being named one of the two in trouble to leave by the end of the show. The contestants have really turned the show on its head!


Mat has said that he had felt out of his depth at times: “I felt from the beginning that I was surrounded by better bakers, my knowledge was nowhere near their level. I had probably baked 20 different things in my life at that stage, and when I was talking to some of the other bakers – their breadth of knowledge was very daunting“.


He continued, “I knew I was out of my depth in Victorian week with the techniques and the bakes involved. Some of the recipes we were given in advance but I never practised because I didn’t ever expect to get to week seven.” Mat started baking because he was working four days on, four days off and said “it was a way of filling your day”, he also used to take his bakes in to work for his colleagues at the fire station. This guy can bake and fight fires – where do I get one?


There is now a lot of pressure for the contestants as next week is coming up to the quarter finals and since all the favourites are slipping to the bottom of the heap, it is anybody’s game to win at the moment. 3…2…1…Bake Off!



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