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The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey will head up Better Man, a biopic about English singer Robbie Williams. The film tells the story of the singer’s rise, examining the experiences that shaped him into what he is, and the demons he battled on and off stage as he became a big star with hits like “Angels”.


The production team for this biopic will be composed of Jules Daly for Big Red Films, Craig McMahon for McMahon International as well as Michael Gracey. Production is supposed to begin this summer.


In an interview with Deadline, Gracey said that the project has been ongoing since the end of The Greatest Showman. The film is indeed the result of several hours of discussion with Williams and Gracey between London and Los Angeles, but at the moment we don’t know how the singer will be represented on screen – by himself or an actor?


As for the music, all these great titles will be present in the film but will be re-recorded so that the emotions fit perfectly with the sequences of the film. “If in his life he’s in the depths of despair, he’s not going to sing a song as cabaret flamboyant showmanship; it’s going to be broken, acapella, stripped-down, because that’s where he is emotionally”, said the director.


Michael Gracey’s inspiration for this documentary came from the fact that Robbie is “that every man” who “dreamed big and followed those dreams and they took him to an incredible place”. He also added that “he’s not the best singer or dancer, and yet, he managed to sell 80 million records worldwide.”


A release date for the project is yet to be confirmed.



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