The Hottest Style From Burning Man 2017 | Fashion News


Summer is without a doubt festival season, from when Coachella kicks off around April time, it’s non stop line ups, clothing collections and makeup inspiration. It’s everywhere you go to shop online and very hard to ignore. Last weekend was Burning Man, a festival in America, where a whole city (temporary, of course) is set up in the Black Rock Desert which is situated in Nevada.





It doesn’t get as much coverage as Cochella as there are less celebrities that go, however the style for Burning Man is on a higher level than any other festival that has taken place this year. The festival is in honour of art, and being there, you also become art.



Everyone gets the chance to express their own individual style with clothes, makeup and accessorises that they deem fit. From feathers, to lace to fringe detail. There is everything you can imagine. Huge holographic goggles were also a bit hit this year. The rule seems to be less is more and in the case of Burning Man, the saying it definitively true.






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