‘The Kissing Booth’ Gets A Netflix Sequel | Film News


After the success of the first Netflix hit The Kissing Booth, which featured Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney and Molly Ringwald (The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink), news has come that a sequel is now in the works.


The first film followed this storyline: A girl is crushing on her best friend’s brother, but she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with him. When she ends up filling in for somebody at a school carnival’s kissing booth, everything changes.


However the first film did receive quite a bit of negative criticism due to the nature of the Noah Flynn character. The problem lies within his actions; the guy is constantly angry, and we barely see another side of him.


To elaborate, his actions could imply early sign of domestic abuse. By portraying this on a film directed to young viewers, it could unfortunately make them believe that these actions are valid and okay.


If the direction of the second film is simply another teen rom-com, this could be problematic again, because it will mean that they probably wont address the big issue. Hopefully not. Hopefully Elle realises what an a**hole Noah is, and falls in love with her best friend Lee instead.


If not, this could be another marketing flop from Netflix.




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