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Despite having being written in the distant 1943, The Little Prince remains one of the most popular novella of our time and the most famous from French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. If you also grew up reading about the fantastic world of the pilot and probably not fully understanding the deeper meanings of the book, the trailer of the 2015 movie adaptation will awake your inner child and, most probably, make you cry.


The film, directed by Mark Osborne, tells the story in two parts: the original storyline of ‘The Little Girl’, a child whose entire life has been planned out by her mother, is intertwined with Exupéry’s work when her neighbour, ‘The Aviator’, starts to tell her the story of The Little Prince, whom he encountered in a desert after his plane crashed.


While the new character’s story has been developed through computer animation, the parts of the original novella have been done with the stop motion animation, resembling the book’s original illustrations done by the author. The movie, which has already been released in some countries, is set to hit the American theatres in March 2016, and it looks like it is going to make the audience cry with its magical and touching rendition of the French classic.


Are you moved already?




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