The New PUMA Velophasis Inspired By Running Heritage To Deliver An Exciting Lifestyle Sneaker

The new hybrid sneaker from PUMA, VELOPHASIS, which was inspired by the 2000s, has just announced the release of the new sneakers.

PUMA drew inspiration from a significant section of its Archive for this new design. The COMPLETE line, the brand’s defining licence of the 2000s, served as the design inspiration for the VELOPHASIS.

The PUMA COMPLETE line, which was created for running, allowed the company to create ground-breaking technologies like the iCELL, e+CELL, and EverRide technologies, which are now used by runners all over the world.

Through PUMA’s forward-thinking vision, the VELOPHASIS builds on this heritage while transforming it to fit the visual standards of the Y2K culture.

The VELOPHASIS’s initial colour palette is based on a more modern style. The metallic appearance of VELOPHASIS Bionic includes cream and electro blue inserts.

The Vaporwave movement and early 2000s Internet culture served as the inspiration for the VELOPHASIS Phased, which contrasts its sobriety of design with bright tones.

The three colorways of the PUMA VELOPHASIS Phased will be available on February 11 on and at select retailers, while the PUMA VELOPHASIS Bionic will be available on February 4th.

Later in the spring of 2023, new colorways and exciting collaborations will be released.

Let’s have a look at the new PUMA VELOPHASIS collection!


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