‘The O.C.’ To Be Made Into Musical | TV News


So it’s official, The O.C. is coming back! But before you get to excited, not back to our screens. Sorry to break some hearts. According to Variety, the teen drama that we all knew and loved, is being adapted for a one off musical this summer in LA.


For those that don’t know, or somehow skipped the naughties, The O.C., was a popular teen drama that ran from 2003 to 2004, and focused on the dramatic lives of group of teen friends (Ryan, Seth, Summer, and Marrissa), who lived in Orange County, California. Reports indicate that so far only the roles of Kristen Cohen and Luke Ward have been cast, however more updates on casting are soon to come.


For those lucky to be in LA, the performance is scheduled for August 30. It’s so weird thinking of Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood now, I mean I grew up with him as Ryan and I never thought I’d see him as anything else; but now all I see him as is James Gordon from Gotham. It’s amazing how far he has come.



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