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Peep Show S5 – Episode 4 “Jeremy’s Mummy”. Picture shows Matt King as Super Hans

Peep Show S5 - Episode 4 "Jeremy's Mummy". Picture shows Matt King as Super Hans


Channel 4’s painfully funny, yet close to the bone series is coming to a close, but despite nine seasons the show doesn’t appear to be going out quietly. ‘The El Dude Brothers’ Mark and Jeremy are back, though estranged following the evens of the last season finale. The recurring cast members return, as their irreplaceable selves, along with some new characters.


You’d be forgiven for feeling a tinge of sympathy for Jez, who has fallen on harder times than ever before. Mark remains his stuffy and tragic self, and Super Hans is once again attempting to go clean – with predictable results. If the critical response to the season opener is anything to go by, Peep Show will leave us regarded as one of the more cherished British comedies of all time.



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