The Promo For Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods’ Promises A Bloody Memorable Spectacle | TV Trailer


Neil Gaiman is a busy man, nowadays, and today we can show you the first fruit of his TV labour, as Starz has released the first promo for the much-anticipated adaptation of American Gods.


Shadow (Ricky Whittle) is having a bit of a bad day – he has just been released from prison, his wife, June (Emily Browning), has died in a car accident. His new job as the bodyguard of mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) just happens to bring him right into the middle of a bloody war between the old and new gods, all greedy for America’s soul.


Think Easter (Kristen Chenoweth) versus Mr. World (Crispin Glover). As it turns out, Shadow has a very important part to play in the ongoing conflict and Mr. Wednesday is the key to unveiling it.


American Gods will arrive in the UK on May 1. The co-captain of the ambitious project is Bryan Fuller and, as you will notice, he has brought his Hannibalesque vision to it. Watch the trailer below and make sure to let us know if you have already picked your favourite god:




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