The Secret Sisters Share New Folk Song ‘Same Water’

The Secret Sisters, originally from Muscle Shoals, also known as Laura Rogers and Lydia Slagle, have released their single titled “Same Water.”

This track, born out of their reflections, emerged in Nashville. It signifies a profound contemplation by the two artists on how we, as a society and as individuals, all seek healing.

The artists emphasized the importance of acknowledging the challenges related to our own choices, in this realm while highlighting the necessity to extend empathy to those who make different choices.

The track “Same Water,” produced by The Secret Sisters, in collaboration with John Paul White, and Ben Tanner, was recorded in the iconic Muscle Shoals FAME studios.

The captivating musical tapestry of the new project comes to life through the collaboration of various talented artists. Tanner skillfully handles the piano, synthesizers, organs, and Wurlitzer, while White’s acoustic guitar adds a melodic richness.

The ensemble further expands with Larry Campbell’s electric guitar and fiddle, Zac Cockrell’s rhythmic bass, and Jeremy Gibson’s dynamic drumming. Ken Lewis brings a nuanced touch with percussion, Parker McAnnally adds depth with bass and dulcimer, and Austin Motlow contributes a contemporary flair on synthesizer and electric guitar. The piano work of KS Rhoads adds another layer of musical brilliance.

The Secret Sisters, active since their debut in 2010, have already garnered critical acclaim with four full-length albums to their name. Among these, the album Saturn Return, nominated for the 2020 Grammy Awards and produced by nine-time Grammy Award winner Brandi Carlile, stands out.

Reflecting on this newproject, the sisters share, “Our fifth chapter is the one where we seek, savor, and settle. The muse found us in the depths of raising children, nurturing relationships, surviving a world-changing virus, bidding farewell, shifting our mindsets and discovering a sense of peace heretofore unseen.

Our third decade of life has proven to be one of routine, rest, and realization, and these songs are about the lessons we’ve learned.We’ve learned to be space-holders and defenders of the people we hold close. We’ve learned from deep, steady love in various forms.

We have learned to let go of people and perceptions and priorities that just didn’t make the cut as we weighed what is right and important and worth keeping. We’ve learned how all the things we’ve always treasured continue to withstand the pressure of time. If you notice an upward trend to the mood and emotions, you’re on target-we have found calm waters, for now.”

To celebrate their new music, The Secret Sisters will do a tour this spring with the following dates:

April 4—Lafayette, LA—Acadiana Center for the Arts
April 5—Austin, TX—The 04 Center
April 6—Dallas, TX—The Kessler Theater
April 7—Houston, TX—The Heights Theater
April 26—Nashville, TN—The Basement East
April 27—Florence, AL—Shoals Theatre
May 17—Newport, KY—The Southgate House Revival
May 18—Chicago, IL—Old Town School of Folk Music
May 19—Minneapolis, MN—The Parkway Theater

Listen to “Same Water” here!


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