‘The Shining’ Spinoff Series ‘Overlook’ Not Moving Forward At HBO Max

In our current world of constant reboots, sequels, spinoffs and remakes, it’s rare to see a series based on valuable IP not be picked up by a network, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Overlook, the in-development series that would have focused on the spooky hotel in The Shining.

Per Deadline, HBO Max has opted not to proceed with the show, and now Warner Bros. Television are shopping it to other networks. The Deadline posts says Netflix are a likely destination, which won’t be a surprise to anyone.

Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown have been writing the show, which will explore the untold stories of one of the most famous haunted hotels and serves as a pseudo-prequel to Stephen King‘s novel.

Overlook was developed under J.J. Abrams‘ Bad Robot banner, and was part of the production company’s inaugural slate at HBO Max under after their 2019 deal with WarnerMedia. However, the show was commissioned by the previous regimes at HBO Max. The new faces in charge reportedly liked the project but felt it was not a good fit for them at this time.

King adaptations have been all the rage since IT became the highest grossing horror film ever at the box office back in 2017. There have been so many greenlit since that it’s a true surprise to see one inspired by arguably his most popular work be passed on by a nascent streaming platform which needs to stay afloat in the streaming wars.

If Netflix do indeed pick up the show, perhaps we’ll get to see why HBO passed on it. It’s possible it’s not very good, of course, but quality hasn’t exactly been the ultimate criteria for most streamers, quantity – usually based on popular pre-existing IP – has.

If Overlook does indeed land at Netflix, those who made this decision will be crossing their fingers that it doesn’t become the latest Netflix viral hit, otherwise they may be kept up by nightmares even scarier than those at the Overlook hotel: corporate executives.


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