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The Vaccines prepare for their third full-length record “English graffiti.” – Released by Columbia records


From day one, The Vaccines have been arena-prepped and ready, and came complete with an album packed with distinctive rock and roll anthems. Predictably, it didn’t even take a few short years and an amazing second album to let them into the hallowed halls of the O2 Arena. So when the band made their short-term return with an out-of-the-blue EP which was a bit of a departure from their previous efforts, a fair few eyebrows were raised.


When the band released the single “Melody calling” back in the summer of 2013, it glistened with a new, California warmth with scuzzy guitars and southern vibes. It is exactly what we wouldn’t have expected from the band, which is what opened up a new doorway for the forthcoming record. Now, as 2015 is getting well underway, the band are ready to go: their new effort seems to be on the horizon.


They have even unveiled its first cut from the record “Handsome” but it has been reported that the infectious new track doesn’t unveil too many clues from the new record. “The song itself is, if anything, bridging the gap. It’s probably one of two or three songs that sound most like the stuff that’s preceded it. They’re not all two minute, three-chord, fast-paced rock songs“, the band confirmed in a recent interview with DIY Magazine. I’m not sure about you, but I think this record will most definitely be worth the wait.


Their forthcoming album is set to be much more of a personal effort, with lead singer Justin Young no longer wanting to be as literal in his lyrics – “I think, in the past, I’ve been too matter of fact in the way I talk about things” – It is thought that opening the songs up to be more subjective by exploring themes that many of us are constantly facing, will make people feel connected. “I was actually tackling it from a very personal place”, he assures.


I sat down and spoke to a friend about this, about a year ago, when we were first really started writing the record, I realized that – despite feeling so connected on so many levels – so many of us felt this disconnect. So many of us are 26, 27 year olds approaching our late twenties and thirties, we’re single, and we’re a little bit lost. Perhaps with previous generations… My dad for example, he was married with kids by the time he was my age“, Young adds in the interview with DIY Magazine.


Young also goes on to say, “I actually think that because we’re so wrapped up in this idea of connection and being connected, I feel more disconnected, even within myself and from my peers, more than I did ten years ago. I think so much of that hinges around this feeling of isolation. Those themes to me, really feed into the way I am as a person. I think there’s obviously those themes running through it [the English Graffiti album]”. English Graffiti is out in May via Columbia Records.



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