The Vapor Caves Release First Ever Music Video For ‘B***h To The Boys’ | Music News


Austin-based funk duo The Vapor Caves have just released their first music video ever for “B***h To The Boys”. The video shows a few ladies approached by a group of misogynistic men led by BoomBaptist, the producer of the duo.


However, strong woman Yadira Brown quickly put the guys in their place from the very first scene of the video, when instead of taking a pen to write down her number, she gives one of the arrogant guys a slap.


“B***h To The Boys” is about a proud woman’s reactions to sexist approaches and it wants to make people reflect on one of the biggest social issues of our present and past society.


The dance routines, the bright colours of customs and scenography, the setting in what looks like Texas of the ‘80s, when mobile phones had real buttons and boomboxes were ordinary day objects, all give a hilarious tone to a sadly relatable experience.


Not only “B***h To The Boys” but the entire Feel Yourself album, the debut project released by the Texan pair, aims to bring listeners to achieve awareness on the society we live in, as the duo did with their previous tracks “Be The Light” and “Endless Summer”.


The Vapor Caves journey into modern funk and indie rock is developing fast with amazing highlights such as their recent North American tour supporting funk legend Dam-Funk.


Watch the video for “B***h To The Boys” here:




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