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Last night AMC’s The Walking Dead mid-season finale came crashing onto screens in the US, and tonight it aired in the UK. After a pretty intense season, following plenty of speculation regarding beloved Glenn’s whereabouts as well as budding romance among several cast members, the mid-season finale had a lot to live up to.


Unfortunately, it’s left a lot of people feeling shortchanged. Despite the previous episode setting up Alexandria’s demise, preparing us viewers to lose some of the primary cast, episode 8 was surprisingly slow paced. The Walking Dead finales are known for exciting and shocking viewers, so after a relatively lackluster series so far, there’s a lot of redeeming to be done when it returns next year.


Nevertheless, some excitement did come from last night’s showing… the much anticipated super-villain Negan was teased at, once the main show came to a close. Sasha, Darryl and Abraham are seen running into a group of bikers who proceed to intimidate them before mentioning their leader, Negan. So if you were left cold after the mid-season finale, don’t worry, it looks like things will be stepping up again come February.


The Walking Dead returns to screens February 14, 2016.



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