‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Is ‘A Crazy Ride’ According To Melissa McBride | TV News


The anticipated new season of The Walking Dead hits our screens on AMC in October, and fan-favourite Melissa McBride has revealed to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, that it is going to be “crazy“. During the interview McBride, who plays a tough but caring mother-type, revealed that “they’re topping last year, I’ll tell you that. There’s so much stuff going on“.


Although the sneak peak interview video on Entertainment Weekly’s website is brief at only a minute and she can’t reveal too much inside information for obvious reasons, the cheeky video does give some insight as to what is to come with the new series. McBride, who has become a favourite over the last few series, said that “we’ve all just been around ourselves. We’re all kind of doing the same things. But there’s other people with different points of view coming in that are challenging those things. But where do you put it? How do you sit with it? That’s one of the things that’s also happening. It’s a crazy ride“.




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