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An upcoming spin-off of AMC TV series The Walking Dead is due to begin filming in a couple of days, and will be very different from the original series, the creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman has announced. It will be set in LA and feature a new visual aesthetic style and an all new group of survivors.


Originally created as a comic book series back in 2003, The Walking Dead has become a massively successful multimedia franchise including the hugely popular TV series and award winning video games. Kirkman is executive producer of both TV series and has stated that the main focus on the new show will be family, and talked to Entertainment Weekly about the storytelling and styling of the new series, “we’ll want to tell these stories in a completely different way with completely different people in a completely different setting that’s going to make for a fundamentally different show“.


The show will work as a stand alone from the other parts of the franchise, with Kirkman noting, “you could watch ‘The Walking Dead’ spin-off if you’ve never watched an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ and get a really great, rich, fulfilling experience out of it“. All new characters will be created for the show, and although the series probably won’t feature old favourites, Kirkman has assured that everything in the new show “…fits within [the Walking Dead comic book] world, but it is all new characters, all new events and all kinds of crazy stuff“.



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