The Wire’s Gbenga Akinnagbe Launches ‘Liberated People’ T-Shirt Collection | Fashion News


You may know him from the hit US series The Wire, but Nigerian-American actor and activist Gbenga Akinnagbe is doing something totally different with his time off screen. The actor recently launched a line of T-shirts to celebrate international independence days. The collection’s ‘FLAGShip Date Tees‘ are stamped with the dates commemorating the independence of countries including Ethiopia, Nigeria and Brazil. The line also includes the ‘Nation States tees‘ which have printed on them, the names of countries once colonized like Tunisia, Syria and Egypt.



The mission statement of Liberated People is to “spread a movement fueled by humanity… one t-shirt at a time“.


“I believe the moment we start to see someone as the other and not our brother it becomes much easier to dehumanize them and their culture – whether through wars or treating people like second-class citizens, I think of this line as a reminder that we are all one on this planet. We all have a shared history of struggle and overcoming. I didn’t want to just create cool t-shirts but a company that is doing something, which is why we partner with local nonprofits on a rotating basis.” – Gbenga Akinnagbe


A portion of Liberated People’s sales is going to Beat the Streets, a (non-profit) youth wrestling and mentoring program in Baltimore dedicated to helping at risk kids. The Liberated People T-Shirt line is available via Okayplayer as well as via the Liberated People website.



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