The Wombats – Cheetah Tongue | Music Video


Liverpool trio The Wombats share a bizarre workout routine on their newest video for “Cheetah Tongue” with five mature ladies showing off some great tips and tricks for exercising.


Grab a couple cans of beans, iron the socks, hoover the floor, knead the dough or just invite a group of old dudes and use them weights for lifting – these and more advice are waiting for you in this ‘Chores for your Cores’ show.


The visuals and the song seem to be separate and unrelated units – it’s hard to focus on music, while reading the captions of this 80’s inspired workout routine in the style of The Golden Girls sitcom. But the concept of ‘turning your boring household chores into exercises for your cores’ is a shallow allusion to the main idea of the track.


Cheetah Tongue is a song about dealing with the pressures of adulthood and failing miserably,” stated The Wombats. This is the opening song and the third single from their upcoming Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life album, and the band admits it’s “probably the most psychedelic” one.


The rockers will release their fourth studio album on February 9 and very soon they’re starting the North American and UK/Ireland tour. While we wait for the full record, let’s watch its latest video:




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