Thirsty Curses Share Music Video For New Single ‘Bruises On Your Shoulders’ | Music News


Indie rock band Thirsty Curses from North Carolina has released the brand new music video for their latest single “Bruises On Your Shoulders”, from their self-titled debut project.


Thirsty Curses consists, at the moment, of Wilson Getchell (vocals, guitar, piano), Kelley Otwell (lead guitar), Clayton Herring (bass), and Evan Miller (drums). Since singer-songwriter Getchell brought the band to life in 2017 they’ve created a multifaceted and versatile sound.


Their sound embodies a variety of rock ‘n roll subgenres including punk, folk, country, prog rock, 90s alternative, and pop.


Band member Clayton Herring directed the new music video with theater elements. Furthermore the video was filmed at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center theater and stars several actors from the Raleigh drama community. Thirsty Curses created the hole production in collaboration with the faculty and staff from Studio 67 in Nashville.


In the video Thirsty Curses performs on a stage in front of theater backdrops. While the band is playing “Bruises On Your Shoulders” we see a young man going through the ups and downs of his life. Beginning with college and first dates over to couples therapy and failures in job.


“You’re all alone and telling lies to your shrink. The weight of the world is leaving bruises on your shoulders. All you really wanted was for someone to warn you” sings vocalist Wilson Getchell in the chorus. The life of the young man goes in a hopeless direction, but in the end he manages to break out the scenery and his scripted life.


The video expresses the message of “Bruises On Your Shoulders” really well and is exciting to watch because of the varied plot. Listen to the song and watch the accompanied video below.




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