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A bunch of hot names are teaming up for a family comedy at Universal. Ryan Reynolds has signed on to star in Everyday Parenting Tips, a project set up at the studio by Phil Lord and Chris Miller as a part of their overall studio deal, with Paddington director Paul King on board to helm the film.


The film is based on a New Yorker short story by writer Simon Rich, whose work also inspired the upcoming Seth Rogen HBO Max comedy, An American Pickle. This film will revolve around a father dealing with the everyday challenges of family and raising kids, which are only made all the more difficult by an ongoing Great Monster Uprising. Rich will also handle the script.


This could be a very lovable project. Anyone who’s seen both Paddington films knows how wholesome and lovely they are, so hopefully King can bring that same magic here, while Lord and Miller often have a through-line of friendship and camaraderie running through their projects. While Reynolds is usually more of an ironic actor, he can be lovable in his own right too. Detective Pikachu, anyone?


You can read the entirety of the Everyday Parenting Tips short story right here if you want to get a feel of what the film might be like. Plus, we might be waiting a while to see this project come to fruition. Not just because of the coronavirus, but because the talent involved are some of the busiest in Hollywood.


Reynolds is attached to star in a time travel movie for Netflix, as well as an animated Quibi series alongside Samuel L. Jackson titled Futha Mucka. He’s also got comedy Free Guy ready to go. King may or may not be directing Paddington 3, but he is helming the adaptation of Time’s Fool, and was on board to helm Disney’s live-action Pinocchio before dropping off the project.


Lord and Miller have a mountain of projects set up, including a murder mystery series at Apple titled The Afterparty, an astronaut movie with Ryan Gosling, a bear-themed horror comedy with the Ready Or Not directors, and a film titled The Last Human they’re also working on.


So who knows when we’ll actually see Everyday Parenting Tips, but hopefully all these creative voices have a schedule worked out. It’s probably the kind of nice, uplifting movie we need right now.



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