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Thirsty Curses are a great discovery not only for garage lovers, but for a wide public of eclectic taste, as their sounds are able to take them far. They formed recently on 2017 in  Raleigh, NC. The thrust to this project was given especially by the passion of writing of the vocalist  Wilson Getchell who encouraged the other members Kelley Otwell, Phillip Harrington and Rush Otwell to unite, in order to create something more.


In fact, they have succeeded. The garage rock band is able to draw musical materials which range over different generes, from punk and folk to country and blues. Despite their recent formation, they have been highly productive musically. Their latest self-titled album, was recently released by their Spectra Music Group on November 8 and is now available on all streaming platforms.


Moreover, the first single extracted from the album is “I Want To Wreck Your Car” that, as the title could suggest, is about a complicated relashionship. In the lyrics, love and hate are mixed together in a flow of conflicting thoughts that can be generated by only a deep feeling. It is a contrast that is possible to perceive even with the sounds, which open the song in a happy way to conclude it then with chaotic guitars that melt together in something that makes the listener feel close to The Beatles’ “Day in the Life”.


It is now possible to listen to their songs live during their tour, which sees them spreading their new music throughout their home town, North Carolina, with their next stop in Charlotte in November 16.


In the meantime, listen to “I Want To Wreck Your Car” below:




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