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Skyler Day has just begun to show her musical potentials to the public and now it seems like nothing can stop her. As a matter of fact, she’s already known in the world of cinema, but now she’s approaching the musical stages, by carving out her own place. It is a dream that has become a reality and something she has always wanted to do, since she started writing and singing at an early age.


Moreover, with her last single “Sleepwalking”, her innate musical talent is making itself heard. She sings her original lyric, while the production is by Joe Moralez. The sounds on which she sings blends in an unique way, her folk sensibilities. Her voice is echoed with the undertones of the synth pop by reating a dreamlike atmosphere, in what turns out to be the perfect soundtrack for a love story.


Furthermore, as she revealed about the meaning of the song, it is inspired by the moment you finally found the love of your life and you can’t stop thinking about anything else. It seems that she knows this feeling so well that she made a song out of it. With the song, it has been shared a lyrics video, where she sings softly to the camera, as if she is making a confession to her listener.


As she said: “I was thinking about how absolutely insane and beautiful it is to find your person and say ‘Hey! I love you. Wanna be together forever and jump into the unknown headfirst? We might get annihilated but we also might be the greatest love story ever’. As far as the sound goes, I wanted this song to feel dreamy, happy, and romantic.


Listen to the song below:




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