‘This Isn’t Gonna Last Much Longer’, Emotional Video Of Brand New’s Frontman Emerges | Music News



Last night in Nashville, Brand New‘s Jesse Lacey broke the good news and the bad news. The band’s last show of the year led to the frontman giving fans an intimate speech before playing old favourite “Play Crack The Sky”. Shortly after saying that he hoped for a new record, he dropped the bombshell, “anyway, I’m gonna tell you right here and now that this isn’t gonna last much longer“.


In a fan-shot video that emerged on Oct 12, Lacey then went on to express his gratitude towards his fans with the band now in their fifteenth year. Also in the performance, Lacey shed tears describing this thankfulness for his bandmates, saying; “Without the three of them, I never would’ve gotten to do any of this“.


The certainty of Brand New’s future has been on the rocks since Daisy, their fourth album was released back in 2009. Five years of scattered touring and limited new material all seem to have built up to the moment the vocalist made this poignant quote. Whilst there’s no confirmation yet of any end to the band or in fact any new record, we can hope that the subsequent denouement of alt rockers Brand New will be beautiful, just like their music that has touched so many of us over the years.


You can watch the fan-shot videos here:





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