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The Hulk


With news that The Hulk won’t be appearing in the next team-up movie, Captain America: Civil War. It seems that the last solitary image of the green-guy speeding away in a SHIELD Quinjet was a bitter pill to swallow for fans. Who were left guessing as to next time we would see Bruce Banner’s destructive alter ego again.


Well, call off the search because if rumours are to be believed we won’t have to wait long until we see everyone’s favourite “Puny God” smasher once more. According to inside sources at JoBlo, Mark Ruffalo is to appear alongside Chris Hemsworth, Jamie Alexander and Tom Hiddleston for the third solo-Thor film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


With story details revealed that the third film will centre around Ragnarok, a fable from Norse mythology that foretells a future apocalyptic-like event that sees the deaths of major figures including Odin, Loki and Thor. It seems only logical that the Asgardian royal family could use the genius of Bruce Banner not to mention the use of a Hulk-smash or two.


Sources also revealed that Thor: Ragnarok will feature a “distant planet” being described as “not Asgard and not earth“, this will have comic-book fans clamouring to confirm that this could possibly be a pseudo Planet Hulk incarnation. Which given that Marvel still haven’t acquired the rights to produce a solo-Hulk film from Universal, would be an ingenious way to adapt the much celebrated Hulk story.


With the aforementioned Civil War continuing the trend set by Captain America: The Winter Soldier of shoe-horning in other characters in the franchise into a solo film. It would make perfect sense to team up two polar opposites in The Hulk and Thor, who have proved on more than one occasion are comedy gold whenever paired onscreen.


Not to mention Hulks history with Loki ,who I would wager would be less than impressed to see the guy that beat the living mischief out of him in Avengers Assemble. With Thor: Ragnarok expected to film next year with a November 3 2017 release, we will have to wait awhile to see how The Hulk fares against a Norse apocalypse. “Hulk Smash!



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