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If last year we loved wearing shell-embellish jewellery, cat-eye sunglasses and belt bags then this year, as always, fashion has changed and the accessories with it as well. If you think about it, accessories can either make or break an outfit so it’s essential to ensure yours are on-point every time. Of course, choosing the perfect bag, shoes and sunglasses can be a challenge without the right inspiration.


Thankfully Instagram, recent fashion weeks and influencers alike help us to be always on point. Spotted on the streets of Milan, Paris, New York and London during fashion month, these stylish ladies recently debuted the latest and greatest accessory looks. Here you can find the best 3 Accessories that will be all over Instagram, Bloggers and who knows, maybe you this coming spring and summer 2019.


Let’s start with one of the most talked about accessories seen on the catwalk during fashion month. We are talking about the Hair Clips. They’re finally back. These clips are probably reminding you of something. Do you remember when you were five years old arriving at the school gates? Well now the humble hair clip has had somewhat of a renaissance over the last six months. And they are really cool.


Alexa Chung has long been a fan and regularly wears several at once. Ariana Grande has made a plain silver hair clip a signature, along with her high ponytail. And this one Gucci‘s clip sported by Danielle Bernstein is one of my favourites. It’s not necessary to wear a big brand to be cool. Even a simple and humble hair clip makes the difference. Let me inspire you with some pictures here below.


Check out Liberty London for these beautiful Ashley Williams hair clips.




A second and very important accessories is the Identity Necklace. It’s not the first time everybody goes crazy for this kind of jewellery. Do you remember the iconic necklace Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City?  She could’t go out without her name her chest, showing the power of the women around New York city.


Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie) is known for dictating fashion in the 80’s and 90’s, the golden years for her and the show. And now is coming back this trend.  Add chains and pendants in varying sizes and looks to create your own look.







And at last but not the least are the Sunglasses ChainThe rumours you’ve heard are true; the glasses chain is officially a chic trend to adopt if you’re a specs wearer. While you might be thinking this is one granny-fashion step too far, over fashion week  a few influencers have been spotted wearing them. After you checked out the new trend, probably you’d like to own one too.







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