Tiffany Haddish Wants To Join DC Universe Franchise ‘Wonder Woman’ | Film News


A new Wonder Woman adventure is on the way and The Kitchen star Tiffany Haddish has revealed she would love to join the upcoming film’s cast by playing the role of Nubia, Wonder Woman’s sister.


The multi-talented US actor was out promoting the crime thriller The Kitchen when, for some mysterious reason, she was approached by Yahoo! with the idea of playing Batgirl for DC and Warner Bros. Maybe it is because nowadays, every working actor seems to be aiming for a role in any superhero film.


In any case, Haddish wasn’t especially interested in getting that role, but she confessed she did have an eye on another DC character, saying she would “rather be Wonder Woman’s sister, Nubia, [From] the 1976-78 issue of Wonder Woman. Yeah, I know my comic books. Don’t get it twisted. Also, I would rather be Mystery Girl”.


Making her first appearance in 1973’s Wonder Woman #204, Nubia was a character created by Robert Kanigher and introduced as Diana’s twin sister. Nubia was designed to be Wonder Woman’s light opposition, the dark side. The character appeared in many different stories of Diana’s adventures and she could be debuting into the big screen in the next Wonder Woman film, which is currently under construction.


Besides, Wonder Woman’s director Patty Jenkins, who is also in charge of the new project, has been showing affinity about the idea of casting comic actors as new characters in the Wonder Woman series. So, who knows. Maybe Haddish will be announcing her incorporation to the DC franchise very soon.



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