Tiggs Da Author – Run | Music Video



Tiggs Da Author has released his new music video for his single “Run” which features Lady Leshurr. The video was premiered via FADER yesterday (25 January). The video was shot in South Africa just before Christmas and focusses on an illegal and dangerous car sport,called spinning.


Tiggs said about the track: “The song is about escaping your troubles and just getting away from certain situations and not letting life’s little dramas bring you down. Sometimes it’s better to just run! It’s always great to collaborate with an amazing artist like Lady Leshurr but it’s even better when you’re friends. We’ve known each other for a long time and she nailed it”.


Lady Leshurr also said of the track: “This song makes me happy! I love that it can be played to all ages. It’s a feel good vibe and I love that. Working with Tiggs felt so natural, his smile is infectious just like this song”.




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