TiMO ODV – I Need You | Music Video

TiMO ODV 30.04.2016ANDREW


South African record producer and singer, Timothy Oude Vrielink, commonly known as TiMO ODV, has finally returned for listeners keen for more. The new song is called “I Need You” and is written and produced by the man himself. It is another taste taken from his long awaited full length album, due out later this year via Universal Music.


“I Need You” was released digitally on Friday, April 1 and opens with plucked strings and what may be construed as African percussion. It has rumbling, synthetic bass, the song with much in common with dance music. Rattling drum machine provides the crescendo to the subsequent chorus. Vocals stand alone, near the end, before normal service resumes.


The music video to go with it was finally premiered through Vevo on Friday, April 29, and is quite a dark landscape, full of mist and shadows. Perhaps the colour scheme conveys the bleak and desolate life of TiMO ODV in need of someone. It features a dancer almost contorting herself, certainly her movements are odd and seemingly unconventional.




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