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One of the most exciting reveals in the run up to a new season of American Horror Story is seeing the upcoming opening sequence. They reveal the themes and motifs of the season, but thanks to creator Ryan Murphy‘s Instagram account, the just released clip simply confirms the bizarre new installment.


As always, the title sequence is a montage of shots highlighting the themes of the season – and all in an attempt to creep viewers out. Of course, the usual theme plays over it, this time with a hornline and snare addition to resemble an American parade.


The theme of hives and clowns that have been so present in the already released posters and promos continue. Close ups of bees are enough to make some’s skin crawl, and the clowns, alongside a not-so-amusing carousel, certainly don’t remind you of your fifth birthday. The opening credits do, however, finally bring light to the political theme that was hinted at the beginning of the teasing process.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks and a bleeding Star Spangled Banner make for cynical thinking toward Cult’s authority figures. It seems there’s definitely something at stake for the political, a set of handcuffed hands at the end suggesting a high-profile kidnapping, perhaps of leading lady Sarah Paulson. Or is blue-haired Evan Peters a die-hard Democrat who takes matters into his own hands?


It’s easy to speculate, but so far it has been revealed that the political element mainly plays as a launch point for the season. Instead, the focus is on “what’s going in our world around us, the idea of paranoia“.


Season 7’s opening credits were posted to various social media accounts. It certainly adds even more hype to the upcoming season which has perhaps become the most anticipated thanks to its social media presence. Watch the montage for yourself below.




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