Tkay Maidza + Duckwrth – Flexin’ | Music Video


Tkay Maidza is “too busy to care” in the music video for her new single “Flexin’“, a self-asserting banger featuring rapper Duckwrth.


The Australian rapper is working up herself and delivering some major punchlines to her haters. Rapping about “Minding my business as always/ People don’t get it, I’m awesome“, Tkay has no conscience when it comes to being herself.


The young singer has been grafting in the music industry for a while now. After taking part in Adelaide’s Northern Sound System artist development program, she released her debut single, “Brontosaurus“, when she was only 17, under the capable hands of producer BadCop.


Since then, she had been mastering her craft and developing her own sound, coming in full force with her debut studio album Tkay in 2016. Now, after a tour with Troye Sivan, the singer is ready for another full-length comeback with her latest EP Last Year Was Weird coming out August 31.


Treating us with her trademark cheeky attitude and sound, that winks to the London grime music scene and the US trap sound, Tkay is all about being herself in this Rugby-inspired music video.


Meddling with the London Rugby Club, the singer is not holding back as she confirms that “Flexin’ is an ode to being yourself and being unapologetic for it“. Assisted by Los Angeles rapper Duckwrth, Tkay’s new EP is shaping up good and it looks like it is going to introduce a new music star.


Check out the video here:




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